Q What payment methods are available?

A You can pay for your purchases with one of the following payment methods Paypal, Credit or Debit card

Q How fast will I get a confirmation that the payment was approved?

A You will receive a notification as soon as the payment is registered. It should not take more than a few minutes.

Q When will I receive the key?

A The key will be delivered as soon as your payment is registered.
The time frame may differ depending on the payment method and your payment provider.
It usually does not take more than a few minutes.

*Note : There are some products that they need more time to be delivered to you because they might not be actually in stock.
In these products there will be a note saying that!

Q Do I need an account to buy keys?

A Yes , because the key you buy is always on the Order tab in your account or in the License Keys tab in your account plus you can collect points for further discounts!

Q What are the Tak Points ?

A TAK Points are points that you earn in every order you make and if you collect enough you can use them for discounts.

Q Can I have a discount code?

A Partners are there to offer you the discount codes and you can find them on our partners tab.

Q How do I delete my TakGaming account?

A If you would like to delete your TakGaming account please submit a request to our Support Team from the account you wish to delete.

Q Where can i see my game key or keys ?

A You can go into My Account tab and then tap orders where you can keep track of all your orders!
Even if you lose the order you can contact us to retrieve it.

Q What backorder means?

A When you see a product with the backorder tag it means that at this moment there are no available keys, but you can still make your order and we will send you via email your key